Top 4 Types Of Flooring

Top 4 Types Of Flooring For Your Home

At present, a wide range of flooring materials is available to you that will definitely enhance the attractiveness of our residence or workplace. Apart from selecting hard or soft flooring, you also have the option of picking from a wide range of colors as well as styles. It is imperative to ensure that the flooring material is environmentally friendly and you should go for a softer material for your bedroom while flooring that is easier to maintain will be suitable for your kitchen. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on the different types of flooring materials available at present.

1. Tile flooring

You will come across many different types of tile floorings out there and their price can vary to a great extent depending on their quality. It might even be required to invest thousands of dollars in order to cover a vast area with tile flooring. In fact, it is recommended to go for glazed ceramic tile which happens to be not only resilient but also resistant to scratches. Moreover, it is also water resistant. Tile flooring is available in a wide variety of materials as well as sizes including porcelain, marble, slate plus granite. Furthermore, it is not at all difficult to clean the tiles and virtually anyone can do it easily. Being water resistant, tile flooring is ideal for your kitchen or bathroom.

2. Carpet

Carpet flooring is going to provide a soft feeling as well as an elegant look to the room. On top of this, it will help to prevent any echo from happening throughout your residence. One can easily install this type of flooring and its cost will vary considerably depending on its quality. Low traffic rooms like bedrooms are going to will be the ideal location for carpet flooring since there is less chance of grime to get trapped in it. The bedroom will also appear cozier and posh with this type of flooring.

3. Wooden Flooring

At present wood is used extensively for various purposes and they’re also available in different colors and styles. Although it happens to be an old type of flooring, it is not yet obsolete. In fact, wooden flooring is used on a large scale in hilly areas as well as damp locations.

4. Linoleum

Genuine linoleum is undoubtedly a popular choice for flooring and is being used extensively for more than 100 years. You will find this material in a wide range of patterns as well as colors and they are marketed in sheet form or even tiles. Linseed oil happens to be the primary ingredient in this type of material. The other materials happen to be jute, pine rosin, and wood flour. One important benefit of linoleum is that it is antibacterial.